The Rising Star Church Of God In Christ was founded and organized in 1970, by our Pastor Supt. R.L. Macklin after Pastor Macklin was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, he was called into the ministry, under the leadership of the late Bishop S.D. Lee, Sr., founding Prelate of Texas East Jurisdiction. Obeying the Spirit of the Lord, he organized a church based on love which is the foundation that this church is built on today.

The first service was held October 25, 1970 at 2616 Bishop Street, which later came to be known as The Little Rising Star, with eight people. From this small gathering, under the leadership of Pastor Macklin, a great church was established. By faith, Pastor Macklin refused to allow anyone to loan or give him the down payment on the church, but he used his daughter Robin's college fund.  Within two years with God's help, the church was paid off and Robin's college fund was repaid. Our first anniversary, we raised $2,000.00.

With fast growing membership, our church soon outgrew the little church on Bishop Street. Pastor Macklin tried to purchase the property next door, but was unable to do so. He and his family started looking for a larger building. They had faith in God that he would bless them, but they didn't sit and wait, they put forth an effort. Missionary Kyser told our Pastor about our present building. Being a business man, Pastor Macklin began to inquire about the church and the Lord blessed him to talk with Elder Scroggins. A Baptist preacher tried to purchase the building, but was unable to raise the money, "But the Lord Blessed Us!" With the support of the members paying $3.00 a month toward the building fund, we soon saved up the down payment for the new church.  On March 3rd, 1974, we moved in our new church with a 30 year mortgage that the Lord blessed us to pay off in seven years.

Through pledges, our church has been remodeled several times, we bricked the outside, elevated the roof, bought pews, a neon sign, three additional parking lots and had them paved, we also, added an educational wing. Through pledges, the floors have been carpeted and the kitchen area was remodeled. The Lord blessed the landscape in the front of the church to be donated by the late Elder Leonard Fennell. We believed God for a church van and he blessed us with, not just one, but two. One was donated by Mrs. Mary Johnson, through the witnessing of Missionary Fannie B. Lee, and the other van was a 1986 van which was purchased by the church.

The Lord has shown great favor to The Rising Star Church of God In Christ. He has blessed our church, and great things happened under the leadership of our late Pastor R. L. Macklin and our First Lady, Mother J.M. Macklin. We miss them dearly, but they left us in capable hands, God and Supt. Charles Barrett and Missionary Ida Barrett.

Pastor Barrett and First Lady Barrett have done a tremendous job since becoming leaders with other upgrades in the church. They have since had the entire back of the church carpeted. They have had the pulpit area redesigned with new offering and communion tables and the front forum restrooms have also been upgraded. Pastor Barrett & First Lady Barrett, has a mind to beautify God's house and we are blessed they were chosen as our leaders.