Supt. E. Charles Barrett was born in Palestine, Texas a small town in East Texas.  He is the 8th child of eleven children born to the union of Bishop Tyree and Queen Esther Barrett.  Supt. Barrett was brought up in a very strict home, where he attended a Methodist church and was taught the word of God.
Supt. Barrett received his diploma from Neches High School in 1970. After finishing high school he came to Fort Worth, Texas, where he worked for a blueprint Company for over 23 years. He later enrolled in air condition and electrical classes, where he received his certificate in air condition.
In 1971, Supt. Barrett married the love of his life, Ida M. Busby and they have been married 39 years. To this union, the Lord has blessed them with two precious children, Kathy and Charles. They have been blessed with a beautiful daughter –in-law (Annie) and five precious grandchildren.
The Lord saved and filled Supt. Barrett with the Holy Ghost under the leadership of the late Supt. Robert L. Macklin, who was the pastor and founder of The Rising Star Church of God In Christ. Supt. Macklin became his spiritual father and mentor and trained him for the great task that was ahead of him.
After serving as a Junior Deacon for a short time, the Lord called Supt. Barrett to preach the gospel. After Supt. Macklin observed him and the love he had for the people, Supt. Barrett was appointed the Assistant Pastor of The Rising Star Church of God In Christ.
Under Supt. Macklin, he served as the Y.P.W.W. president for over 25 years. He organized the video ministry and as the Assistant Pastor, he served in numerous capacities of the church. In the Starlight District under District Supt. Macklin, he served as the District Sunday School Supt. and treasurer. In 2004 the Lord saw fit to call Supt. Macklin from labor to reward. Before his demise, Supt. Macklin let it be known that he wanted Supt. Barrett to succeed him as pastor of this great church.  After Supt. Macklin’s demise, Supt. Barrett was installed as Pastor of The Rising Star Church of God In Christ by the Jurisdictional Bishop, Bishop James Edward Lee, prelate of The Texas East Jurisdiction. Souls have been added to the church, and Gods’ favor continues to be upon the church. God told Joshua, “So I was with Moses, I’ll be with you”. The church has advanced to the next level under the leadership of Supt. Barrett.
After being installed as Pastor, the Lord has steadily exalted Supt. Barrett.  As we all know Promotions come from God. He was promoted and installed as an Assistant District Supt, under the District Supt. Johnny Castleberry and after Supt. Castleberry resigned as District Supt.  Supt. Barrett was promoted and installed as District Supt. of The Starlight District.
In 2009, he was promoted and installed as a Special Assistant to Bishop James E. Lee, Prelate of The Texas East Jurisdiction.
The Rising Star Church of God In Christ is yet increasing and flourishing under his leadership. His passion is for the lost to find refuge in Christ. He has a deep love for the hurting and the suffering. He is totally devoted to reaching souls for Christ. The Rising Star Church of God In Christ invites you to our power packed services, where God is working in miraculous ways. If you come visit us and want something from God, you won’t leave like you came. Our Motto: “Go with us, and we will do you good”.