First Lady Ida M. Barrett is a true woman of God. She is faithful and dedicated to the work of the Lord, as well as to the church. A native of El Paso, Texas, she moved to Fort Worth, Texas as a child. She is a graduate of I.M. Terrell High School and as a young lady from the "North side" of Fort Worth, she has truly blossom to the wonderful woman of integrity she is today. 

Mother Barrett, which is the title given to her by the late Mother J.M. Macklin when she appointed her the first Jr. Church Mother of the Rising Star Church of God In Christ, has followed her throughout the years. Mother Barrett often shares how she contributes the various jobs she has held in the church to Mother Macklin, who had the discernment to recognize the abilities in her.

Mother Barrett was appointed the Y.P.W.W. Supt. for the 5th Sunday of each month. She was the Sunshine Band Usher Board President and the Sunday School Secretary amongst other positions in the church. Mother Barrett has a heart for the women of God and has held the position as Y.W.C.C. President for over 30 years. Her Motto: "I need you and you need me".

Mother Barrett is a true example of I Corinthians 7:14 which say,"For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife..." Because of her prayers and faithfulness to the word of God, her husband was saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and is now preaching the word of God. Mother Barrett is a mother of two (2) beautiful children, and five (5) precious grandchildren. She stands by the side of her husband, Supt. Charles Barrett and supports his ministry.

Mother Barrett is not only active in her local church; she is also very supportive of the Texas East Jurisdiction. She is the Y.W.C.C. President of the Texas East Jurisdiction and has been appointed the Workshop Executive by Mother Lula Pope, Supervisor of Women for The Texas East Jurisdiction. God is truly elevating Mother Barrett in ministry and she has been a willing vessel. Another one of Mother Barrett favorite motto is: "I like living this kind of life".